Saucery: Music Event and Tour Catering Company

Founded in 1993, Saucery is a well established and experienced music event and tour catering company.

Our offer is simple:

Good Food Tour Catering for Music Events

We love good food and our meats and dairy produce where possible are locally sourced from the Heart of Herefordshire. We also relish that on our travels we can seek out other local specialities! Our emphasis on seasonal and locally produced food means that, from the crew’s quick bacon butty on the trot to a wonderfully inspired dinner dish, you can rely on our quality foods.


Good Crew Tour Catering for Music Events

We have a long-serving team with a wealth of experience in the tour catering industry, who are are adaptable to the changing demands of an event. They understand and enjoy the often pressured environment of a music tour or event which makes taking a break and eating with us a great experience for management, crew and artists.


Good Value Tour Catering for Music Events

We cater good food for any size tour and work within your budget . Providing a quality catering experience is our number one priority and we work closely with our clients to provide exactly what they want, at the price agreed. When you use us, you know you’ll always get the absolute best service and value for your money.

Call Alison Taylor on 01568 614 221 or 07836 389 160 or send a message through the contact page.

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