We travel UK and Europe wide on tours and at venues, and cater between 12-240 meals per sitting, always providing the adaptability and humour the job demands.

We bring:

Skilled Chefs
• An experienced and established team for consistency and adaptability
Friendly and welcoming staff
• Where possible, quality, locally-sourced meat and dairy products from the Heart of Herefordshire
Seasonal produce … some from our own garden
Organic produce
• A flexible menu to meet varied dietary needs including Vegan, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Low Fat and Allergies.
• Happy to work to your budget

Plus, many of my crew have use of a second language including Norwegian, French, Spanish and Italian… always useful for European tours or international clients!

As our sample menu shows, we put together quality food from great ingredients in a friendly and adaptable environment, to ensure that management, artists and crew can take a break and re-charge.

Saucery Catering unloading at the Royal Albert Hall

Call Alison Taylor on 01568 614 221 or 07836 389 160 or send a message through the contact page.

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