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Splendour 2017

Deer roaming freely, sun shining promisingly, and we’re pumped full of energy. Yes, that’s right, we’re back at Wollaton Park, Nottingham, ready for another busy busy day at Splendour Festival.

Arriving on site early Friday morning, we were greeted by an empty shell of a tent, soon to be filled with Saucery equipmentand most importantly… FOOD! After a few hoursofunloading and decorating, the room was full and we were ready to rock!

The following morning (after a minimal amount of sleep), we were up and wearily navigated our wayback to the park. The tent and allit’s contents were still there in one piece (phew!) and it was time to start cooking breakfast! Within minutes the smell of bacon had filled the area and we were attracting a selection of hard working crew members who were ready to fill their (very hungry)bellies.

We provided breakfast in bread and cereals for the workers who didn’t have time to stop, meanwhile in artist catering  the morning menu was a full English breakfast with all of the trimmings, toast, cereal, yoghurt and Danish pastries… YUM!


Within what felt like minutes, breakfast was done and we were onto lunch. Busy working in the kitchen we had a fabulous team of 12 chefs and kitchen staff, all demonstrating their talents to get out our next supply of meals.

After swapping the toaster for the soup crock, we were prepared to feed over 200 hungry mouths in each tent. The sun was shining, the sound check was filling the skies and the festival vibes were reaching us in the tent. While lunch was in full swing, the gates to the arena opened and the once empty field was filled with over 20,000 excited peoplecovered in glitter and sparkles, clinging onto their waterproof coats in the hope that the weather forecast was wrong (it said rain… and lots of it).

Across the grass, in our staff tent our crew  were busy serving pasta lunch to the hardworking students and staff from Nottingham Trent University. These guys were especially enthusiastic to be a part of such a high quality event on their home turf and have a chance to use the skills they are learning on their course.

The tent was filled with the sounds of cutlery clinking, people laughing and chatting which muffled the sounds of the amazing acts that were performing outside!  

As always, the afternoon flew by. We had a great time greeting the people that came to us and loved passing on our passion for food to them!

After a quick look at Busted (who were awesome!), itwas onto dinner! This is our favourite time ofthe day. A real opportunity for our chefs to showcase their skills and for us to provide good, home-cooked food to suit the needs of those involved.  Dishes at dinner included seared salmon with a gremolata dressing, Roast pork loin, pasta, and ever popular chicken cacciatore, all freshly prepared that day.

Then… the HEAVENS opened, in true Glastonbury style, and wow it rained! Not that it stopped the 

cheers and screams from the audience enjoying listening to the likes of Tony Hadley and Gabrielle Aplin. The soggy weather meant that the catering tent became the heart of the backstage area! Artists, crew, production and family and friends all sought shelter from the typical British weather and as a result every last mouthful of food was eaten!

As soon as everyone had eaten dinner, we were onto our final challenge of the day… the load-out.

Every year we try to beat the time it takes for us to wash everything up, pack everything away and get

 out of the arena. This year even with the rain we smashed it! Everyone pulled together one last time after a long 16-hour day, to get the vans packed* and everyone out! *Special thanks to the site crew who got us loaded!

Within an hour we were on the road back to a local hotel, where we enjoyed a glass of wine whilst sharing stories of the day, before heading to bed for a well deserved sleep.


See you next year Splendour!  

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