“There are not many suppliers that Jan and I have consistently used throughout all of our thirty odd years in the business, Saucery Catering is just about the only one. From the golden, olden days of sweaty, three month long, sleeper bus tours, gigging with varied artists in the stadiums and piazzas and on the beaches of France, Spain and Italy to the more sedate, but chillier, Arena tours that we currently produce for Young Voices, Alison and her team have always tempted our tastebuds, fondled our funnybones and tickled our fancies. All in the nicest and most delicious way.

Why look any further? Saucery Catering is the complete package.”

[John Denby and Jan Goodwin, Sound & Light Productions Ltd, www.soundandlightproductions.co.uk]


“I have been in this business for a good long while now and Saucery are the best caterers I have ever used. The crew we have are not just brilliant at what they do but are such good company too. There will be a lot of happy people to know that they will be with us again!”

[John Underhay, Production Manager, Jamie Cullum, www.jamiecullum.com]


“Thanks Alison… All good and as always, your crew are the greatest!!”

[Crae Caldwell, Production Manager, T In The Park, www.tinthepark.com]


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